What is FBML?

Looking for a freelance web designer job that is currently in big demand? Ever since Facebook was opened to developers, a big market has grown for custom apps. If you want to jump on the bandwagon for custom Facebook applications you can wind up using your web design skill in ways you never thought of, but first you need to learn the Facebook Markup Language or FBML. This language allows you to create applications that tie directly into the Facebook experience, including FB profiles, feeds and more.

FBML is a modified version of HTML with some features discarded and other, Facebook-specific attributes added. Some CSS attributes are deleted for security reasons, and FBML has a set of unique tags you will be required to learn to create apps properly. If you are already familiar with Facebook, you’re one step ahead of the game; learning FBML can give you much more flexibility and opportunity to score freelance web designer jobs or create and market your own apps.


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